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2019 Ashland Paint & Plain Rules


Stalls-$30.00 per day or $60.00 for the weekend. You may arrive Friday before the show after 2:00 P.M. but stalls must be paid upon arrival if you haul in Friday. Pre pay stalls are now available. Contact Emily Scott to pre pay.

-Camping/Electric hook up-$25 per day

-Entry Fees- regular classes- $5.00 each

$500 classes-Entry Fee - $20.00-25+entries ($225, $100, $75, $60, $40) Less Than 25 Entries (40%, 20%,10%, 5%, 5%)

$100 classes- Entry Fee - $10.00 12+Entries ($40, $25, $15, $10, $10) Less Than 12 Entries - (40%, 20%, 10%, 5%, 5%)


Payment-No refunds of entry fees/stall fees/camping fees for any reason including vet excuse or scratches. Open checks are accepted. Once you enter a class, the entry fee will be added to your check even if you scratch the class. No charges. You must either pay in cash or leave a signed check with the entry booth. No credit cards.

Lead Line/Small Fry/Walk-Trot Classes-Exhibitors in these classes may not enter canter/loping classes. Lead Line may not cross enter into any other riding class.

Schooling Class (9, 42)- No placings. $5 entry fee at entry booth. Safe attired required. Training aids/leg wraps are optional.

Showmanship-All classes will run first come, first serve. Exhibitor will exit the arena upon completion of the pattern.

Reining and Ranch Horse Classes (36-40)- These classes are open and exhibitors may cross enter their horses between Pleasure, Ranch Horses Classes, and Reining. Use of hoof black, bands, false tails, and show tack is not required for these classes.


2019 High Point Rules

1. Owners and exhibitors must be members in good standing of Ashland Paint & Plain. No point forms required.

2. You or a representative may purchase 1 sponsor per class to earn extra points for that class. They MUST be purchased by the end of the 1st show to count.

3. Each high point winner must have a minimum of 5 points and show at least 3 shows to receive an award. Winners must be present at the last show to receive the award.

4. Points are as follows:1st place-5 points, 2nd place-4 points, 3rd place-3 points, 4th place-2 points, 5th place-1 point  +3 points for class sponsor

5. Ties will be broken by the most number of 1st, 2nd, etc.

6. Each class will have one winner. 1st place will be the only award given.

7. Inquiries on your point totals will only be accepted in writing and must include a SASE. No exceptions and no phone calls. Inquiries can be mailed to the point secretary, Susie Weber.

8. The Board of Directors, whose decision will be final, will act upon any issue that cannot be resolved by the point committee.

Horse of The Year Rules


1. The horse accumulating the most points throughout the Ashland Paint & Plain show series will be awarded the Carol Raab and Keith and Cathy Klier Memorial Horse of The Year rotating trophy. This award will be presented at the conclusion of the series after all points are tabulated.

2. Horses may accumulate points in all classes in all divisions with any rider.



Ashland Paint & Plain reserves the right to split, combine or cancel any class based on number of entries.